How do I use binder clips in my daily life ?

5 years before, binder clips in my mind is a clip that is only used for the accountants, who use them to bind the invoices, tickets, papers, documents etc. , however, after I took some binder clips home, I found they are much more useful than I can imagine !

Firstly I found it's the best item to reseal the bags of food at home, there're always a lot of bagged food opened but we can not finish them immediately, such as a bag of tea, a bag of potato chips, a bag of nuts, a bag of cakes, a bag of milk powder, a bag of washing powder, a bag of pet food ...  I will fold the opening end, then just use a bind clip, clip on, then it will be very save, same as sealled bag, prevent the food from moisture, dust, insects, baterials etc. , and an advantage of a metal binder clip comparing with a plastic clip is that the metal binder is much much more endurable, firmer, stronger , the plastic ones are easily borken after some while, or it can not hold the opening closed firmly.  So this is the way I  use binder clips mostly in daily life, and i found binder clips are the best choice when I have these kinds of problems, and it is an important part of small items that we should have at our home.

binder clips and bags
binder clip use 35
binder clips use 40

The second way I used the binder clips mostly, is that I use them as the clothespins, when I dry a clothes with a hanger outside, I always use some binder clips to fasten the clothes with the hangers, to avoid the clothes to "slip" from the hanger, or "gone with the wind", with the same reason, I found metal binder clips are stronger and more endurable than the usual clothespins, and because the binder clips have different sizes, from the big one(51mm) to the very small one (13mm), so it can almost fit all kinds of our demands depending on the size of the rail of the hanger, or the bulkness of the clothes, while its difficult to find a proper clothespin to meet this requirements everytime.

binder clip use 26
binder clips 69
binder clip use1

Being a reader, bookmark is often used in our reading days, however, the triditional bookmarks are often not comfortable to use, I think the main reason I always could not keep a bookmark, is that it is easy to be lost, to slip away and every time I put it somewhere, I could not remember where it is the next time.  So I think a binder clip may be a better choice, because, I do not need to remember where is the last one, I just need to take one from my stock of binder clips, clip onto the page I want to mark. And using a binder clip as the bookmark, has an extra advantage---it can also be used as a paper weight, which can keep the other part of your book to be open, without always holding the pages by your hand.

binder clip use 32
binder clips 62
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There are many other ways to use the binder clips in our daily life, however the above is the way I use mostly in my own daily life, and next time, I think I will try to use a binder clip to hold the tail of my toothpaste, and use a binder clip as a pen holder when I just attend a meeting with a note book and pen. ;-)

Post time: Dec-21-2021