How to make a simple mobile holder by just one or two binder clips?

Nowadays mobile phone has been one of the most imporant carry-on items of everyone, we can almost do everything with just a smart mobile phone ! … We communiate with each other by it, we transfer pictures or files by it , we send messages by it, we take pictures by it, we use it for reading, we use it for learning , we use it as the alarmer, we use it as a radio, we use it as the TV player, we use it as the music player, we use it as our recreation center, we use it to buy almost everything that we need, we use it to make payments everywhere, we use it as the calculator, we use it as a recorder,  we use it as a notebook, we use it as the navigator, we use it as the manager of our capital and information, we use it as the most powerful dictionary at hand, we use it as the teacher of everything as we don’t know…  In the future people will use it to control everything that they link, and it will be just one unseperatable part of our body…, simpley saying, smart mobile phone is becoming the center of of all our resources, the center of our life and working…

Thus a mobile holder sometimes is really useful and needed, however we may not carry one or find one mobile holder every time/everywhere, however, a small “binder clip” is always easy-to-get, because it is widely used in every office, and most imporantly, it is extremely cheap, but how to make a simple mobile phone holder by just 1-2 binder clips ?— you can have 3 ways to make one that fit for you :

1.  Most simple way, just use one “L” size(maybe be 50mm or 40mm) binder clip, clip one end of the mobile phone(and be careful not to press or damage the screen of the phone), then adjust the angle of the handles, and that is it, the moble phone can stand on the table with a comfortable angle for your eyes.

binder clip use 29

2.  Or prepare a large and a small binder clip, then clip the large binder clip to the handle of the small binder clip, then bend the small binder clip upward about 60 degrees, then,  just put the mobile phone in the middle of the two binder clips.

binder clip use 24s binder clip use 253.   Use a card and two “L” size binder clips, clip the card at each end, such as following:

binder clips 48


4.  Use a large binder clip and a charging cable to make a charging stand.

binder clip use 22

Post time: Dec-20-2021