• 5 practical tips for using binder clips

    5 practical tips for using binder clips,make your life more convenient:   Let’s take a look at the wonderful functions of the binder clip!   Clever use of binder clip 1: skillfully use large binder clip to make mobile phone holder. First prepare a large binder clip, then clamp i...
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  • General use of binder clips

    Everybody need work, and work always need files,or you have to make or keep some files on your desktop, or in your office cabinet. Sometime you have many files together and you don’t want any page of them to be lost, but if you staple them together, it will be a trouble when you want to separate...
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  • China Stationery Market Analysis

    The stationery industry, as a rapidly emerging light industrial product in China, plays an increasingly important role in the international market. There are no less than 1,000 domestic stationery companies participating in international and domestic stationery industry exhibitions or light indus...
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