5 practical tips for using binder clips

5 practical tips for using binder clips,make your life more convenient:

Let's take a look at the wonderful functions of the binder clip!

Clever use of binder clip 1: skillfully use large binder clip to make mobile phone holder.


binder clip use 24s
binder clip use 25

First prepare a large binder clip, then clamp it to one end of the mobile phone, and finally fold the binder clip handle on the back of the mobile phone outward by 90 degrees.

Or prepare a large and a small binder clip, then clamp the large binder clip to the handle of the small binder clip, then bend the small binder clip upward about 60 degrees. Finally, just put the mobile phone in the middle of the two binder clips.

Clever use of the binder clip 2: skillfully use the binder clip as a moisture-proof (or air-pollution-proof) tool in the kitchen

binder clip use 20
binder clips and bags

The condiments in the kitchen are not well preserved and easy to get damp? take it easy! Just fold the condiment bag inward several times, and then clip it with a clip--- Same way to protect your food in opened bags, your tea in opened bag, your coffee beans in opened bags, your washing powder in opened bag, your herbal materials in opened bag, your small packs of health care products in opened bag...

The third wonderful use of the binder clip: skillfully use the binder clip to store the data cable

binder clip use 27
binder clip use 12

First, wind the data cable into a coil with your left hand, and then clamp it with the long tail. In this way, after storing the data cable, it is not easy to knot and scatter, but also easy to find.

Clever use of binder clip 4: skillfully making mobile phone charging stand with binder clip

binder clip use 22

First make a knot at the mobile phone interface of the mobile phone charging line, and then use a clip. Remember to clip the mobile phone charging interface as above. Finally, just plug the mobile phone into the binder clip and it can be used as a mobile phone charging base.

Five wonderful uses of the binder clip 5: skillfully use the binder clip to store the razor

Usually the razor always scrapes things in the trunk? To teach you a trick, just clamp the razor blade with a binder clip.

binder clip use2

After reading the five life tips of the binder clip

It's too wasteful for you to put the binder clip on hold.

Learn these tricks quickly,

Just a little modification,

The binder clip has different functions,

Make your life more convenient.

Post time: Dec-18-2021