No. 126 Canton Fair Time October 31st-Nov. 4th,2019, Aiven Booth No. 2.2 M37/38 2.2N11/12

Welcome to our booth in No. 126 Canton Fair:  Booth no.  2.2M37/38  2.2N11/12,   Time:  October 31st-Nov. 4th, 2019, thanks!!

Address:  No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Products to release:

Office desktop organizer with wireless phone charger

On-screen Smart phone holders

Universal smart phone holder

Office wrist rest
Office massage necklace
Office palm massager

Healthy office series

Office desktop storage

Office desktop storage with phone charger

binder clips, paper clips, pen holders, business essentials, magnets, rulers,bookmarks, clipboards, stationery kits, badge holders etc.


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Post time: Jun-03-2019